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Connect with more clients

You spend your days observing human behaviour, listening, engaging and connecting with others in person. We want to help your practice grow by applying some of that powerful psychology to the online space.

Right place, right time

There has never been so much demand for therapy, but the marketplace is saturated. How can you stand out from the crowd? Digital marketing can help ensure your business shows up in all the right places when your ideal clients go searching for answers online.

Big results beyond referrals

In today’s digital world, relying on referrals is rarely enough to achieve long-term, sustainable growth. If you want big results then you’ll need to invest in creating a vibrant, cohesive online presence that delivers warm new leads to your doorstep on the daily.

Leverage digital marketing to reach more people and change more lives

Clinical Marketing offers a comprehensive range of digital marketing packages that have been designed specifically for the health industry. We use advanced SEO, social media and digital advertising strategies to boost your brand’s online visibility and deliver a constant stream of warm leads and new clients through the door.

How we'll help you grow

Advanced digital strategies

You can trust our team of dedicated experts to hatch a powerful plan using advanced digital techniques to attract more of your ideal customers.

Countless new clients

Enjoy waking up to a waiting room full of new clients without having to do any cold outreach, schmoozing or selling thanks to hyper-targeted Google and Facebook marketing messages.

Raving fans for your brand

We’ll ensure your clients stay warm, engaged and coming back for more by delivering compelling educational content using marketing automation tools that work while you sleep.

Results, results, results

We never take our eyes off the prize – and you don’t have to either! We’ll keep you updated on our progress and your ROI by sharing simple, user-friendly dashboards and reports.

A very professional and prompt service. I would highly recommend their service.

David Dihm
Family Life Chiropractic

How we help psychologists grow

It’s time to get inside the minds of your ideal customers. Where do they go when they’re searching for answers? Google. Social media. In today’s digital world, word of mouth marketing is not enough to achieve the exposure and growth that your life-changing services deserve. Our team of experts in digital marketing for psychologists can help drive consistent demand by developing cohesive, targeted messaging and a strong online presence for your brand.

Why you need digital marketing

As a psychologist, your time is best spent listening intently to your clients and having powerful conversations that provoke action, inspiration or some other kind of positive change. We’re here to play a similar (if slightly less “deep”!) role in understanding, converting and connecting with more of your ideal customers online.

Our team will put together a comprehensive strategy to help you attract more new clients, more often by ensuring your brand shows up in the right places at the right time. We’ll craft compelling messages and implement hyper-targeted tactics that drive awareness, engagement and growth.

Our Services

Improve your Google ranking

Search engine optimisation (SEO) will improve your visibility in search results over time, ensuring your business is discovered by new patients - without having to spend any extra marketing dollars.

Use Google Ads

Utilising Google’s pay-per-click advertising services, you can achieve more traffic, bookings and enquiries within a matter of weeks.

Build awareness with Facebook

There are 2.7 billion people on Facebook - so naturally, social media marketing is a must. Put your business in front of patients scrolling through social media.

Use email automation to increase repeat visitors and eliminate drop outs

Keep in touch with your patients and re-engage patients who have dropped off the radar - all without lifting a finger. Email automation keeps patients engaged while you’re treating patients.

Your own digital marketing manager

Our team of digital marketing specialists will take care of your marketing campaigns for you, so you can focus on patient care. We’re part of your team and can answer any questions you may have.

Monthly marketing packages


$ 495
  • Performance Tracking
  • Google Advertising
  • SEO
  • Digital Strategy
  • Facebook Advertising


$ 1,320
  • Performance Tracking
  • Google Advertising
  • SEO
  • Digital Strategy
  • Facebook Advertising


$ 1,650
  • Performance Tracking
  • Google Advertising
  • SEO
  • Digital Strategy
  • Facebook Advertising

Our Guarantee

We guarantee our work will breakeven by month 3, or we work for free until it does.

Need a tailored solution?

If our packages aren’t quite right for you, let us know. We also offer tailored marketing solutions to meet your unique needs, requirements and budget, so you can grow your business at your own pace.

For example, if you have multiple clinic locations we can customise our pricing and packages to meet your needs.

ROI Calculator

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You only need 2 new clients per month to breakeven

About us

Clinical Marketing works exclusively with health clinics. We’re a team of passionate health professionals AND experienced digital marketers who are uniquely positioned to understand the precise challenges that your psychology practice faces – and help you overcome them. Our goal is to supercharge your online presence using advanced digital marketing techniques in order to amplify the positive impact that your invaluable service is already making on the world.

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How It Works

We partner with the best


That’s the beautiful thing about digital marketing – it’s 100% measurable! We’ve got access to scarily smart analytics software that can show us exactly what kind of return each activity is generating – live and right down to the nitty gritty detail. No more guesswork. Full transparency.

At the end of a long day, do you have the time or desire to attempt to navigate the complex world of digital marketing? We believe you shouldn’t have to try. Your skills and energy are best placed listening to the person on the couch in front of you. That’s where your magic happens. Our digital marketing services allow you to keep your service standards high while we handle developing a rock-solid online presence that effortlessly brings a steady stream of new clients to your practice.

The Clinical Marketing digital packages are custom-made for health clinics. In fact, we only work with businesses in this space and our digital marketers are health professionals too! This gives us the edge because we bring industry-specific ideas, tactics and techniques that have been carefully curated to deliver the strongest results for your psychology practice.

We offer a comprehensive range of solutions, including retention marketing, Google advertising, Facebook advertising, and advanced SEO services that can be tailored to meet your business’ specific requirements. Whatever level of service you require, we’ve got you covered – from a simple advertising campaign to a more complex, localised SEO and content strategy. We’ll always make sure you’ve got complete visibility over your results too, thanks to our user-friendly dashboards and real-time reporting.

Growing your physical presence and, therefore, your impact? We’re more than on board with that! Localised marketing is in our DNA, so we’ve got plenty of targeting tools to help promote your psychology services in the right places using the right messages.

Much like investing in your mental wellbeing and psychological health, digital marketing requires a long-term commitment rather than a “quick hit”. Of course, we’re sure you see light bulb moments and noticeable results with clients from one session, but the real transformation comes with continuous exploration and effort – a compounding effect. The same is true for digital marketing. We always recommend applying a mixture of advanced digital marketing techniques to help you achieve those all-important quicks wins at the same time as working towards long-term, sustainable growth.

That’s the beauty of our “done-for-you” digital marketing services – we do all the heavy lifting and leave you to focus on providing a first-class service for your clients. We’ll ask you for some input at the beginning to make sure we devise the perfect strategy for your business, and we’ll keep you updated on our results along the way. However, aside from that, you can kick back and watch the new clients roll in from the comfort of your therapy sofa!

There sure is! In fact, we’re so committed to your success and confident in our services that we offer a guarantee for our digital marketing packages: achieve breakeven by month three or we’ll work for free until you do. You can rely on us to help you achieve the growth goals of your dreams – our track record proves it too.

Let’s grow your health clinic